My first program in QBASIC

I wrote my first program when I was in 6th grade (11 years old) and I loved it. Our school had a course called computer science and essentially taught us the basics of how computers work and QBASIC.

I was introduced to computers very early in my life and I feel very fortunate about that. I always had fun using computers and thus curious about how they work. I was already tinkering around with random code (Visual Basic, HTML) by the time I was 11 but it was mostly just editing existing code. The first ever formal program that I wrote from scratch was in QBASIC at our school.

Our school prescribed us a textbook with all kinds of cool but elementary stuff about computers but most importantly they taught us QBASIC. After programming in many languages, I still feel that for anyone who is trying to understand the basic concepts of programming, QBASIC gives a great start.

I don’t really remember the first program I wrote in QBASIC but it was definitely not the classic hello world program. If my memory serves right, it was a program where I had to give a name as an input and output “Hi, “ concatenated with my name onto the console. Something like this:

INPUT "Enter your name: ", NAME$

This program just blew my mind the day I wrote it because I was able to create a software that actually prompted me for input and gave a different output everytime based on my input with just two lines of code.

I continue to develop software today mostly for the web and programming continues to make me happy everytime.